20×60 Warehouse Tent With High Quality

Our 20×60 warehouse tent for the convenience of the construction enterprises short season, the venue provides a flexible distribution of flexible space, avoiding the need to increase the production of space rental, remote working, and other hidden costs. Warehouse Tent construction does not require a permanent foundation which can be built on almost any ground —- asphalt, concrete or grass, and so on.

Tents in flexibility and economy are far superior to conventional steel structures, construction of buildings and do not have the required land permits trouble.Because of the basic conditions require less, the cost is also low, so its maintenance is simple and inexpensive. The most critical, Liri 20×60 warehouse tent modular architecture design, integrated storage tents provide a good foundation, can according to your needs for industrial applications tailored architecture.

Liri 20×60 warehouse tent construction using German technology, in line with the International Building Code. Build up in accordance with operating specifications Liri storage tents construction, can withstand at least 80km/h wind. Structure tent can choose from 3 meters to 60 meters of any span length Infinity. Tents without any load-bearing pillars inside.

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