60m Polygon Tent for Sports Courts

Frame Fabric Indoor Sports Court

This time the 60m polygon tent was built in a public activity space and trucks were not allowed to enter or leave during the day time, which also brought some difficulties to the construction.

After the busy construction for one week, Liri project teams had successfully completed the erection of the 60m polygon tent structure. As a representative of domestic high-quality tent suppliers, Liri Structure will surely shine in this summer in cooperation with the international basketball platform JUMP 10. Let’s look forward to this summer of basketball.

This year, we continue to be the official partner of the JUMP 10 World Hoops Challenge. We have made great innovations in the solution to hold a more successful event.

First show of 60m polygon tent in China

This is the first application of Liri’s 60×100 polygon tent in China. No Event has ever held in the outdoor with a 60m width tent. The tent with a span of 60x100m is used to hose this event, almost as big as a football field. It is spacious to include bleachers on three sides and areas for basketball games and other activities. We have considered the typhoon and the bad weather and reinforced the high strength aluminum alloy frame to withstand strong wind and heavy rain.

Connection of transparent PVC roof covers

This is a new 60m polygon tent independently developed by LiriTent. The roof of the tent is designed with transparent PVC. This new design can allow spectators can see the sky in the area of the spectator, like watching the sports events in the open air, which also fit the young, high-spirited, and active JUMP 10.

Arch gable end

The gable end is also different from the previous design, which is smaller. Normally the gable ends are a triangle, but this time we made the gable end of 60m span tent in an irregular arch shape, which is more attractive.

60m Polygon Top Tent Video

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