Basketball Court Covering

Today, we are going to introduce you to a new basketball court design, which could be reasonably planned based on the size of the existing outdoor basketball court. By adding covers to the existing basketball court, it is possible to customize it into an indoor basketball court. It allows you to enjoy sports under any weather condition, and even 24 hours a day without fear of strong wind, heavy rain, and the blazing sun.

Our basketball court covering design has many unique features, for example, you could choose the materials for the doors and windows, like PVC fabric, glass panels, or sandwich panels, and even you could paint the walls either exterior or interior. Our basketball court covering design is also equipped with a ventilation system and air conditioning system, which creates a comfortable indoor environment. The anti glare LED lighting system allows you to have a clearer view indoors and focus on every exciting moment. In order to make people feel more comfortable on the basketball court under different climates in different regions, you could use the glass wool sandwich insulation layer on the top of the structure, which can not only provide thermal insulation in winter but also reduce the air conditioning load in summer, better achieving energy conservation and environmental protection.

Our basketball court covering design has sufficient sports space. The design with 6m eave height already makes the indoor space spacious, and the glass walls on both sides make the indoor brighter. We also specially designed sliding doors and windows to allow better fresh air circulation conditions, which makes people breathe more freely during exercise. At the same time, in addition to the basketball court, it can be also used for various sports events. The walls can be designed with soft bags for cushioning, sound insulation, and thermal insulation, allowing you to immerse yourself in every movement.

Liri Structure devotes to building the most suitable stadiums for you. We believe that this new basketball court covering design will definitely meet your needs and bring you a more comfortable, convenient, and enjoyable sports experience.

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