Aluminum Exhibition Tent

Recently, Liri Structure prepared nearly 20000 square meters of aluminum exhibition tent for the 2023 China Outdoor Sports Industry Conference. The interior space of the exhibition tents is not obstructed by any beams or columns, making it convenient for exhibitors to layout and arrange their booths. The aluminum exhibition tent features gable covers and sidewall spray advertisements, which can serve as exhibition information advertisements to showcase the theme and atmosphere of the event. We are equipped with a dedicated glass door and window system for exhibition tents, making the entire exhibition center more upscale.

In order to provide a safer, more comfortable, and more comprehensive exhibition experience, we also have security checkpoints, VIP rest areas, and personnel rest areas throughout the entire exhibition venue. In addition, the endpoints of the high mountain cycling race, 34km hiking, sailing, paddle racing, and RV events in this event are all equipped with pagoda tents that provide shade for participants.

The outdoor sports industry is promoting the development of sports and the sports industry. For many years, Liri Structure has been committed to providing better temporary structure solutions for outdoor exhibitions, promoting the integration and development of various industries.

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