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Exhibition tents are a new form of the current temporary exhibition hall solution that can be built directly on existing open spaces. For example, there are various exhibition tents are set up for Canton Fair every year. After the show, exhibition tents can be dismantled without affecting other use of the site. Exhibition Tents are with modular structure design and size can be adjustable according to actual needs of your temporary exhibition halls, so that the space utilization is more flexible. We can provide dozens of tents selection without any pillar support in the middle, so you can create unique temporary exhibition hall and bring customers new enjoyment. In addition, the cost can be reduced and the shortage of indoor exhibition space is solved.

Temporary exhibition tents offered by LIRI are with aluminum alloy frame and PVC fabric, which accord with international certification of wind loading and flame retardant. Exhibition tents can be used for long-term outdoors. What’s more, we also have more than 20 years experiences on exhibition tents design and installation, thus we can provide mature exhibition venues solutions and make your exhibition activities with greater value!

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