Badminton Court Construction

Recently, Liri Structure has completed the construction of modular sports stadium in many places. The difference from the past is that we have upgraded the tent series in all aspects this time, just to meet the users’ requirements proactively and improve users’ experience.

PVC Roof Cover

In order to achieve better thermal insulation and heat preservation effects, Badminton Court Construction’s roof cover is adopted with double-layer PVC fabrics and 75mm double-sided aluminum foil fiber cloth insulating glass wool which is added in between the inner PVC fabric and the outer PVC fabric. This could maintain a constant indoor temperature and achieve a better physical feeling.

Walling System

Badminton Court Construction adopts sandwich panel walls/aluminum sliding laminated-glass panel walls, which can effectively ensure indoor cold/heat storage and have an excellent sound insulation effect. The appearance is closer to a fixed sports stadium and has a more beautiful atmospheric.

In order to pursue a stronger sense of design, the sandwich walls can also be customized in different colors or spray-painted patterns to create a personalized themed sports venue.

The two-color inner PVC fabric gives the entire space a more layered feeling, and the professional sports wood flooring system enhances the high-class feeling of the interior space. This not only has a big change in the visual but also has a more obvious improvement in experience.

In addition to special air conditioners, Liri also provides special ceiling fans for sports venues, which can save energy and protect the environment, improve indoor air flow and lower room temperature, and ensure low-noise operation. Modular sports venues are flexible can be customized and adjusted according to different sports requirements and site conditions, it are of strong adaptability.

Liri-structure has completed the construction of hundreds of sports venues around the world by now and continues to lead the industry and promote the advancement of temporary and semi-permanent buildings.

Type of Tents

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