Beach Wedding Tent

Large Marquee Tent for Beach Wedding

Many people wish to have a wedding on the beach, make a lifetime appointment with their loved ones while listening to the sound of the waves. But the wild wind, rain, and other conditions on the beach may spoil the whole wedding, however, now the beach wedding tent is a wonderful way to turn that idea into reality. Recently, we’ve set up an extraordinary 20×40 beach wedding tent on the romantic seaside. The wedding tent has become a shining focus on the beach with its elegant temperament and unique appearance.

This beach wedding tent is specially designed for our customer. The aluminum alloy frame can solve the problem of easily rust well which caused by the heavy moisture and air in the seaside environment. Aluminum material including hardware accessories adopted are all black, with powder coating technology, the corrosion resistance and durability are excellent. Choosing diversified structure design to build the appearance, with the promise that the previously planted plants are not affected, The multi-side and A-frame tent structures combination make the tent looks more designed while the surrounding plants add green beauty to the tent.

Features of this beach wedding tent project:

  • Built on the seaside, beautiful scenery, wide vision
  • The tent with Portable Outdoor Bleachers solved the building problem well due to the uneven sand ground and head high.
  • Black aluminum alloy frame, the powder coating technology is able to ensure long-term beauty and practicality.
  • Completely transparent glass walls, transparent PVC waterproof roof cover, wonderful daylighting, 360° no blind area view;
  • Cassette wood flooring, ensure the ground smooth and comfortable;
  • Combination of multiple sided tent and A shape, strong sense of design.

Because the beach wedding tent is built on the seaside, in order to make people indoor can also enjoy the seaside scenery, transparent glass walls and clear tent design is adopted, without lighting during the day, the sunlight shining onto the wood floor, with bright indoor, people feel like place themselves in the embrace of nature, everything is comfortable and pleasant.

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