Waterproof Wedding Tent

A romantic sense of ceremony is what everyone pursues, especially for life events such as weddings. An unforgettable outdoor wedding is a happy moment when you think about it. The romantic, dreamy and wonderful outdoor wedding can bring is beyond words. The White Wedding Tent symbolizes pure love and adds a romantic feeling to the wedding ceremony. In the tent, no matter it is day or night, every moment is a time of love.

The first thing to consider for outdoor wedding is the weather. If it is windy and rainy during the wedding, there is nothing to do. However, the existence of waterproof wedding tent can just solve this problem. It can not only shield the wind and rain, but also decorate the wedding tent like a dream fortress. Beautiful curtains in the tent, exquisite crystal lights on the top, beautiful stage, exquisite dining banquet tables and chairs, etc. You can also decorate the whole wedding site with flowers and green plants. Waterproof wedding tent has the characteristics of heat insulation and rain protection in summer and heat insulation in winter. It is an indispensable choice for holding outdoor weddings.

The above project pictures are our wedding tents with a span of 20 meters. In addition to the size of 20 meters, you can customize the size of the Wedding Tent according to the situation of the venue, and even more wedding guests can be accommodated in the tent. The wedding tent adopts aluminum alloy frame design and waterproof fabric material. The whole Wedding Tent will not damage the site environment and will not generate construction waste. It can be quickly completed in a short time and used as an outdoor temporary wedding building.

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