Clear Outdoor Event Tent

Lately, we have cooperated with automobile brands to hold a new motorcycle launch event in the form of a new combination of indoor and outdoor. Using the clear outdoor event tent can not only better display products, but also customers can feel the charm of motorcycles more closely.

The two motorcycles on the indoor stage are unique in shape, and the catwalk makes the whole venue look like a fashion product launch. Motorcycles have a sense of modernity and technology in the spotlight. And our clear outdoor event tent narrows the distance with the customers. The tent built along the wall adopts a polygonal structure design, with a tent height of 6.8 meters and a side height of 4 meters. This kind of outdoor temporary space is not only special in appearance, but the open design allows people to move and shuttle more freely, even if the weather is bad, it will not affect the events.

Outdoor events now become more and more trending. It is more flexible in designing and arranging venues than traditional indoor events, and the experience it brings is completely different. The choice of location is also more flexible, and it leaves a greater impression on people. In order to match the modern technical sense of the theme of this event, the fully transparent PVC roof cover and the aluminum frame are integrated with the design of the entire venue, which gives people a unique avant garde sense.

Considering the problem of lighting at night, we installed several LED lights in the tent, covering every corner of the entire venue under the light. Even when night falls, the surroundings are in the dark night, but under the tent is a unique lively scene. Under the bright lights, everyone does not seem to feel the night is coming, and they are still immersed in the event.

The 5m wide electronic billboard is installed directly in front of the tent, which will attract attention at the first glance. It can fully reflect the image of the product even outdoors. Compared with indoor venues, outdoor events are a bit closer to nature, and everyone can discuss and communicate more freely.

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