Company Anniversary Party Tent

Wonderful Anniversary Party Tent

Hosting a great Company Anniversary Party is not only reflects the company’s strength but also reflects cohesiveness. How can it stand out from the rest of the world for so important events? Here is a unique annual meeting.

Different from traditional venues, the Company Anniversary Party tent is built outside and gets rid of the constraints of traditional venues. Just look for a spacious venue, it can be built in place no matter its concrete or grass. This is why it is called a “walkable building”.

The structure of our company Anniversary Party tent can be extended indefinitely. The spacious space can be used to accommodate more than 300 people at a time. At the same time, we can also provide a series of annual meeting equipment such as air conditioning, ventilation, floor system and lighting equipment, furniture, stage, mobile toilet and other facilities of the annual meeting required, will create a comfortable and convenient annual meeting place.

Is this over? No. In order to make the annual meeting more successful, we will consider more details, such as a makeup room, dining room, kitchen, material storage room, etc. We can provide customers with a complete one stop of functions. There are also a variety of different styles of tents to choose from to make your annual meeting more wonderful.

In addition, in order to enhance atmosphere of annual meeting, the company logo,theme of the event will be printed on PVC roof. The exterior of the tent can be designed with a high-class glass wall or a fully transparent PVC, which with illumination of the light, will create a strong holiday atmosphere.

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