Geodesic Dome for Fashion Show

Fashion Show in Dome

A successful commercial event can not only improve the reputation of the company, but also improve the market competitiveness of products.

In September 2022, Beijing Fashion Week Was officially held, in order to bring a wonderful visual experience to the guests on the spot. The organizer and Liri Structure used the 25m geodesic dome tent as the stage to complete this fashion and aesthetic feast.

Liri Structure 25m Dome Tent visually brings a sense of comfort with its low-key semicircular shape. In order to ensure its force and safety performance, Liri Structure GDT 25m Dome Tent adopts a unique geodesic spherical surface. Reticulated shell, each mesh forms a triangular structure, making it more stable.

The fabric is not a single choice. The double PVC coated polyester fabric adopted by Liri can be digital-painted and produced according to the needs of customers. The cutting of fabric presents the text and patterns that the customer wants as a brand image display, with good commercial publicity value.

The inner layer of the dome tent is designed with all black color, which makes the internal lighting effect obvious, creating a beautiful stage look and feel in the interlaced time, different colors of light beams with different themes, creating a collision between fashion and technology , bringing an immersive audience experience.

In order to improve the viewing experience, the dome tent is equipped with an air-conditioning system, which has four functions of cooling, heating, dehumidification and ventilation to meet different usage needs, maintain a comfortable indoor temperature, and bring a more comfortable environment.

Liri Structure spherical tents have a diameter of 3m-60m, and can be used in science and technology museums, museums, planetariums, etc. as exhibition halls, as well as in commercial occasions such as shows, dinner parties, cocktail parties, and conferences. utilization rate.


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