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Temporary Basketball Venue introduce

Liri Structure had installed the economic and easy installation Indoor Basketball Court for a three-basketball tournament with the theme “I want to go to the Olympics”. Through many times selection, the championship teams of each group will be ready for the three people game of The Tokyo Olympic Game. We built 33 X 25 meters tent with 6 meters height. There are no walls all around, which increases the indoor natural ventilation and adequate lighting to reduce carbon emissions and save energy, providing comfortable space for the audience and athletes.  This new type of portable Indoor Basketball Court is especially popular because it is set up in an open space in the center of the city, attracting a large number of people come to watch the game. An integrated operating model helped achieve common development and gradually reach the goal of common win, also strengthens people’s awareness of sports.

Why is Liri Basketball Court so popular?

  1. Save time and cost

This multi-purpose temporary sports building has already surpassed the stadiums in the general sense, and it can be built immediately as soon as you find out the open space, which will save you time and cost at most.

  1. Modeling diversity

The different models can meet the needs of clients to customize the shape of exclusive buildings.

  1. Modular design, recycling

Nowadays, green environmental protection is strongly promoted all over the world. Liri indoor Basketball Court tent has always implemented the concept of low-carbon environmental protection. It has no noise from the installation of the application. The most important thing is that the entire structure is a modular aluminum tents design and the structure is very regular with interchangeability, it can be installed in a short time. After the indoor basketball game finished, it can be completely dismantled and removed to another place. This is also a flexible venue that all event organizers pursued.

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