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Semi-permanent Marquee Hire

Recently, the Chinese mobile phone brand MEIZU has launched a new product launch event. Due to the epidemic, a large event venue still not open at this moment. MEIZU decided to build a semi-permanent marquee on the open ground as the venue for this new product launch. The entire process of the tent construction started online live broadcast, and it also allowed everyone to know how to install a tent.

This semi-permanent marquee has a width of 25m, length of 30m. The sidewall height of 8m, and a total area of 750 sqm. We completed the construction of the conference venue in just 2 days, including the conference venue, stage construction, equipment entry, and layout work. The semi-permanent marquee has the characteristics of quick installation, greatly saves time cost and labor cost. It provides organizers with the most convenient outdoor temporary space.

The reason why this semi-permanent marquee is chosen as the venue of this conference is not only the high efficiency of construction but also the flexible structural design of the building itself. We can disassemble after the press conference and restore the site to its original condition. When the next business event or temporary exhibition to hold, it also can be used repeatedly, which is impossible for other buildings.

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