Warehouse Canopy

Warehouse Canopy Design

A while ago, LIRI receipted a special client and learned that he wanted to create a unique temporary warehouse canopy after communication. How does the temporary warehouse look like in your impression? Messy? Stuffy? Or pollution to the environment? But for now, please let us show you a different warehouse.

Our warehouse canopy has a white and blue design that gives a bright, clean feel. The integrated closed structure effectively isolates the interior from the outside, creating a comfortable and dry indoor space for the customers. In the meantime, there are multiple vents inside to ensure internal air circulation.

Architectural Warehouse Canopy

Generally speaking, the traditional warehouse takes a long time for construction, costs more, and has limited utilization efficiency for space. It has some pollution to the environment during construction too. When relocation is needed, you will be forced to give up the original warehouse, which wastes a lot of resources. Also, you won’t get the same benefit as your investment.

Therefore, the warehouse canopy becomes an excellent choice for temporary buildings. The flexible structure, which is easy to disassemble and install, can be built in just 1~2 weeks and then be put into use, saving customers a lot of time and money. At the same time, it can increase the extended use area in the later future.

Nowadays, fabric temporary buildings have become a popular space solution that can solve the customers’ urgent need of avenue, while avoiding the constraints of construction land and becoming the first choice to replace traditional buildings.

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