Yoga Dome

Yoga is a method of self-cultivation and relaxation. It is quite different from other sports. It is a physical, mental, and spiritual exercise. Yoga can relax the body and mind, but with the development of the city, construction noise, traffic noise, and life noise cannot satisfy the environment for practicing yoga.

To practice yoga away from the city, our geodesic dome tent product can be suitable for that. The beautiful yoga dome is like a fortress. The interior layout is very simple. The yoga mat is on a smooth and beautiful floor, and you will feel good when you step on it.

Yoga dome has three sizes of 6m / 7m / 8m diameter. The large size can satisfy multiple people practicing yoga at the same time. You can choose a fully transparent or semi-transparent fabric material, even if the indoor does not turn on the light, it will not feel dark. In yoga domes, whether in the winter or rainy season, you can meet the needs of outdoor yoga without considering the weather.

As an outdoor temporary building, you can install lights and air conditioning inside the yoga dome, and you can also install toilets and bathrooms to solve the problem of no toilets outdoors, and you can take a shower after exercise. The yoga dome not only satisfies the conditions for indoor yoga, but the wooden platform outside is also the best location for outdoor yoga. In nature away from pollution, it is in contact with the sun, fully bathed in the sun, and you can get fresh air when you do yoga outdoor.

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