Clear span tents are structures which are supported by frames with no interior poles. These versatile tents might be anchored by stakes or weights, based on the site requirements.

Get ready to enjoy many benefits by choosing an obvious span structure. Foremost among these may be the design flexibility which gives you maximum use of usable interior space – perfect for events of all types. Not just is the possible lack of interior poles more great looking, but the open space allows for staging of your respective event – anything from marriages to performances – with no restrictions caused by interior poles. By building sidewalls, the engineered structure creates the feel of an enduring structure and gives secure protection from inclement weather, all while keeping the flexibility and access of the portable structure.

Clear span tents also present you with a great deal more freedom in your site selection. This engineered structure can be build right beside a building, within a car park, or almost anywhere which makes sense to your event. Sizes commonly cover anything from 13′ to 164′ wide, even though the length may be virtually anything to fit the demands of your event.
clear span tents

These tents are engineered to face up to sustained winds up to 75 mph. There is also easily secured side walls for further protection. You can depend on within your clear span tent’s structural integrity if severe weather threatens your event.

The unhampered, open interior space can be your palette to generate the climate you’ve always dreamed of. Accessories like liners, lighting, flooring and side paneling give you numerous alternatives to compose the finished appearance of your well-appointed structure.

Plus your guests will understand the climate-control advantage provided by your clear span choice. Whatever the season, providing needed warmth or cooling to keep an appropriate temperature is easier and much more consistent with a specific span structure.

For the success of your event, these benefits should make selecting a definite span tent your primary options.

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