Family and friends come together to celebrate a couple’s marriage after the ceremony at the wedding reception. Traditional American wedding receptions include dinner, cutting the cake, tossing the bridal bouquet, dancing, and toasts for the bride and groom. Whether you are hosting an outdoor wedding reception at a park, beach, or even your own backyard, there are a variety of ways to decorate. Get creative and decorate the tent in an elegant and romantic way to set the tone for an outdoor wedding reception that your guests will never forget.

Here are some instructions to go by when decorating a wedding tent

1. Choose the size and type of tent you need to rent based on your budget and the number of guests invited to the reception. The most common types of tents for outdoor wedding receptions include the century frame and structure tents that provide various layout options. Use the enclosed century or structure tent for a more private and intimate feel. You can also rent a frame tent for an open atmosphere.


2. Determine a theme for the tent decorations that revolves around the wedding’s location or complements the colors of the bridesmaid dresses. Use silver, gold, deep red, or even a black-and-white color scheme for an elegant and simple reception.


3. Line the tent with plenty of string lights to create enough lighting for the tent when it gets dark outside. Consider using twinkling lights, colored lights, or tube string lights to heighten the romantic mood. Place tea light candles in delicate glass votive holders on the tables to add even more light to the ten


4. Drape silk or tulle fabric around the tent poles in colors that match your theme. A 2009 article in “New York Magazine” recommends disguising the tent poles with fabrics instead of flowers for a more fashionable reception tent.

5. Hang globe lanterns from the tent ceiling above the dance floor area. The globe lanterns are made out of rice paper which emanates a warm glow and creates a modern look. Stagger the lanterns by hanging them at different heights to get a variety of designs.

6. Select flowers to put in vases or arrange floral centerpieces for the reception tables. Make sure the flowers you choose match the colors of the wedding cake and coordinate well with an overall color scheme of other tent decorations.