A celebration marquee is an ideal solution when preparing a birthday celebration or family gathering. In case you are celebrating a graduation or maybe your children’s exam results and even hold a party for both you and your good friends within your garden, then a marquee is the best solution. Marquees offer all sorts of advantages over other sorts of party venues, such as the power to host your party close to your residence if you have space in your garden. Additionally, they let you spread out different portions of your party inside, such as a disco or dance floor area, chill-out areas, mobile licensed bars, cloakrooms, food service areas, and toilets.

Marquees help in presenting a little class to the proceedings at parties and awards evenings while they portray your company or event being greater than life. The tall peaks of marquees let you decorate the inner of one’s party with large props, colorful drapes, and high tech audio & visual equipment. The fact that marquees have this type of large area for event decoration and displays, means that one could create a myriad of party themes.

Party Marquee Themes

With the proper creative flare and organization skills, you may earn unique and appealing party themes in marquees that will make your party a hit. The present-day form of marquees permits you to map out the inner of your party venue on the final detail. Nowadays most marquees are frame marquees, meaning there aren’t any internal structural support poles to obstruct the party area, diner, or stage.

In case you wanted your party to get a 1970’s theme or to appear like it’s within a 1990’s nightclub, there actually is no good reason that you can’t decorate your marquee like this. With the proper interior props, furniture, disco lights, music, and fancy dress costumes hire you can create a party to keep in mind inside a marquee.


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Modern Marquee Design

Modern marquees are delayed with a strong steel frame which is designed to give maximum space internally by only having a framework on the outside edges. The frame structure of marquees is robust whilst being low in size, allowing alternative marquee walls to be made available.

For instance, if you’d like windows from the walls of your respective party marquee, additional doorways, or windows inside the roof, this isn’t a problem, because the marquee hires companies will easily be capable of replacing wall panels using a window panel. This versatility of marquees to only be altered healthy and structure is a clear edge on other party venues because in warm weather it is possible to throw open the perimeters to allow for more air and daylight in.