How to Set Up a Wedding Tent on a Concrete Slab?

Generally, we have three methods to build a wedding tent. They are steel anchor, expandable bolts and weight plate. It depends on what kinds of ground for tent and how long for service time.

With fabricated structure design for temporary use, wedding tents have a better inclusive function and easy for installation.


Fixing with steel anchor means to knock anchor into earth ground and it is suitable for grass and earth ground and asphalt ground. Normally for temporary wedding tent use.

However, if we have concrete or cement ground, then we can use expandable bolts. And we can choose different bolts with a wedge angle for the force of friction. This method is a wide applicability and easy for work. Tensile strength design and expandable, good looking after installation.

The disadvantage of expandable bolts is making damage to the ground, but some site does not allow for that such as hotel and some public places. Then we have to consider other ways. A weight plate is another method to build a wedding tent stable. Normally for long-term use of tents.

Although tents installation has no special standard for sites, it is better for us to have clear recognition for different fixing methods. In order to have a good estimate and preparatory work for different environments of installation.