How to control the temperature in a tent?

Now, choosing tents for outdoor events becomes more and more popular. Some people may ask how to control the temperature inside the tent.

In the hot summer, cooling is important. In order to cool a tent, you can choose block-out PVC fabric as roof cover. Our block-out PVC fabric is waterproof, UV resistant, it is a good way. If your budget is not limited, you can add fans or cooling equipment inside of the tent. The air conditioner is also a good choice. We can provide 3HP, 5HP,10HP,30HP, and 40HP air conditioners to meet with different sizes of tents. Our air conditioners are integrated design, immediately working when power connected, cooling, heating and humidification, three functions combined in one. They are very convenient for outdoor events. You can buy or rent from us.

In winter, heating is very important. In order to a cozy environment for a `winter event, we have some solutions for heat insulation in a tent. Such as changing the single roof cover to double layers roof cover, or adding heat insulation layer inside of the roof cover. You can also put a fuel heater inside the tent.

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