Second only to the Olympic Games and the football World Cup,the IAAF World Championships in Athletics as the world third largest sports event has been known for fierce and intense competition. The date between August 22 and August 30,2015 for the first time,the IAAF World Championships lands in China. National Stadium (The Birds Nest) in Beijing,after holding the Beijing Olympic Games,will host a world-class level sports event again.

During the IAAF World Championships in Athletics,the eyes of the world will once again focus on Beijing,focus on The Birds Nest stadium. And the organizing committee has already completed various inspections of event materials,constructions,game supplies . All the sponsors and  product suppliers have long been ready and waitting for the advent of the IAAF World Championships

During each big sports event,there is a big demand for mobile tents in order to meet the needs of covering for the athletes,the coaching staff,the referees,the organizing committee,the medium,the stadium audience. Mobile tents not only have to be guaranteed safe,comfortability and aesthetics are also being required in certain degree. Since the mobile tents often need being installed about six months prior to the beginning of the sports evnets,so the construction work should be carries out by professional construction team,and the products should have the ability of being quickly erected and disassembled.

The tent supplier for the IAAF World Championships in Athletics is Liri Structure who has grown into the leanding brand in China tent industry relying on professional and sophisticated designed tents with waterproof,UV resistant,anti-aging,fire-retardant properties,Liri Structure has a professional construction team with technical ability and years of experience to ensure the construction safety and efficiency. Before this event,Liri Structure has already supplied tents for wellknown events like 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games,2011 Shenzhen 26th Summer Universiade as well as Le Mans intercontinental Grand Prix,China Cup International Regatta,China Grand Rally,China Equestrain Tournament,China Open Tennis Tournament,etc.

Now,Liri Structure has finished the supplies and construction work of mobile tents,inspection and acceptance has been accomplished,too. During the IAAF World Championships in Athletics,athletes from all over the world will enjoy a comfortable and secured service in our mobile tents.