Twenty years ago, an originator of Liri Structure as pioneer made unremitting efforts to create China tent industry development. LIRI started by a small team with only several people to a big group with nearly 500 employees nowadays. Instead of the old small factory, now our manufacturing base is over 120,000 square meters. The ship of LIRI crossed the ocean from China to the world and established branches in several countries and regions. And our scale will keep growing.

In twenty years, LIRI already got praises by right of high-quality tent products, inventive design, and efficient&flexible services. Our products have been selling to over 120 countries.

LIRI has become exclusive suppliers and official sponsors of many domestic and overseas mega events many times, especially Canton Fair, International air show exposition, open tennis championship and so on. LIRI always be the long term and stable suppliers.


Rome was not built in one day, so was Liri Tent. In front of the fickle and alive market and the huge temptation of reality, we insist on doing our job all the time and we never change the rigorous standard of LIRI. We study design experiences from abroad with an open mind, but also keep to do independent research and development and concept of limitless design. LIRI has developing Liri Structure’s unique series of products and acquired national patents.  No matter what, LIRI will keep going and never stop improving ourselves, try our best to offer more and more convenient solutions for spaces for clients.