Undoubtedly The Voice of China is thehottest talent show in China, which give ordinary people a chance to sing in a popular stage.

In this time, The Voice of China came to Zhuhai and Macao, and Zhuhai-Macau Cubic Auditions ended successfully in Huafa Future Hui in July 2nd, 2016. Top 3 excellent singers were selected from this audition.

On this musical banquet, there are four well-known tutors witnessed the players grow up all the way. In addition, besides four major professional tutors, live guest juries who were composed of music critics& media guests gave the players the professional guides during the competition, which make these young people to be more excellent in this musical stage.

Different from the previous games, 2016 The Voice of China was held outdoors this time. The latest aluminum outdoor music concert tent is provided from Chinese leading tent brand – Liri Structure Technology Co., Ltd. In order to offer a tailored tent to The Voice of China, Liri Structure provided an ultra- high side height  outdoor music concert tent for this event to accommodate the whole stage, lighting speaker stands, backdrops, AV equipment, etc. At the same time, we also can tailor a more comfortable music concert tent and build a newly music space for The Voice of China.

Inside the outdoor music concert tent of The Voice of China, we remember the players’ enthusiasm and their voices! “People should be bustled on the stage.” They are young, confident, distinctive, and energetic to resounded decisive night, long-lasting shine. Where there is music, there is shine.

Every young people who insist on the original dream shall give yourself a chance to crown your dream, and let us hear your voice and your confidence by music. Since you can sing, you should be fantastic. Let us seek the future bright star. The Zhuhai-Macau Cubic Auditions of 2016 The Voice of China gave the singers the most dazzling attention in the outdoor music concert tent. Display SHOWBM that whole day of the best singer of “you”, to sing for dreams!