Choosing the right rental tent and accessories is a vital ingredient with a successful get together. Size and appearance are the most apparent a few however, many additional circumstances should be considered when weighing your options. One of the most important considerations could be the weather. Listed below are tips that can help you refine your selection depending on conditions you could encounter.
1. Hot summer days make guest comfort a challenge within an outdoor setting. Improving the side wall height will improve venting and also build a more spacious appearance. This gets to be more crucial as tent size increases.
2. Tent fabric developed with a layer of power outages material will block a better power ultraviolet rays and help lower temperatures in a very tent during warm, sunshine. Avoid clear tops thus creating a greenhouse effect inside your structure during hot summer days. Late fall through originate are usually fine for the clear tops. If you want to create visibility internally your tent during summer, consider clear side walls without intense because the or window walls.
3. If you are anticipating a significant probability of severe weather, a clear span tent may be your best option. Clear span structures, when properly staked, are the most secure in high wind conditions. The flaps on these structures are also quicker and easier to open, close and secure for changing conditions.
4. Whenever possible, inspect your site after a rain to understand the drainage issues you could face. Consider flooring options in areas with poor drainage. The use of canopies in walkways to bathrooms and transportation is also prudent if rain is a possibility. Arrival tents are a nice touch for official or formal affairs.
5. Plan for a tent that will accommodate all of your guests if there is no alternative shelter in case of inclement weather. You don’t want to see your event diminished by a passing thunderstorm.
You can’t control the weather at your event but proper planning can help you manage through it more comfortably.