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Polygons tent Rental

Short tent rentals usually apply to periodical outdoor activities such as large exhibitions, outdoor activities, parties, weddings, and so on. Liri structure provides unique designs of Pagoda tent, Half Sphere Tent, Polygons tent, and 3-80m long-span Frame Tents for rental to meet your requirement. What is more, we also provide wood flooring, ceilings, curtains, glass […]


Nowadays, there is a popular cooperation method among the companies, which is calledBusiness Rental. In tent industry, this method is called”TentRental”. The large companies with professional background is as lessor, they provide rental service to the companies, which have requirement about tents(that is “lessee”). Can’t afford to purchase tents? It doesn’t matter. Now you can […]


Liri Structure cooperates with global brand groups for the most fashion annual celebration. The unique and famous size of 50m largest clear span transparent party tent breaks a new record in Chinese tent factory history. 3000sqm aluminum structure big hall built on the ground,in whole set transparent amazing design, 500m illimitable stage, accommodate 1500people capacity […]

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Tents as preferred temporary buildings for outdoor activities nowadays have many advantages such as relatively high stability and safety, flexible sizes, easy assemble, and disassemble accessibility if compared to the traditional architecture. Tents are widely used for temporary warehouses, factory workshops, exhibition halls, outdoor activities, and other usages. We have seen so many tents out […]

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Following are various kinds of tents that can be put for various events like wedding: High peaked frame tent rentals: These set ups are most suitable for enjoying small scale weddings. Available in main three widths, 10′, 15′, and 20′, these rental tents can be free standing construction virtually no inner poles inside. These tents are very […]

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Spring is almost here and the party marquee rental months are almost here. While rental companies are gearing up for your season, tent renters start to plan their events. When renting a tent with an event there are many factors in choosing a layout of tent for several event like graduations weddings and picnics. Of […]

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Choosing the right rental tent and accessories is a vital ingredient with a successful get together. Size and appearance are the most apparent a few however, many additional circumstances should be considered when weighing your options. One of the most important considerations could be the weather. Listed below are tips that can help you refine […]

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So many couples envision an outdoor wedding. They may imagine saying their vows in a spectacular location or amidst a sentimental setting, but they should not forget the practicality of planning an event outside. And usually, this means renting a tent. But wedding tent rentals do not have to stifle the outdoor setting. There are […]

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Planning a backyard party or promotional event can seem to be risky. You’ll be able to decide on your caterer, the kinds and colors of your decoration, know exactly who’s invited to you personally event, and hang everything up when you need to. However, you will possess no treating the elements, though you can make […]

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There’ll be a good amount of different places that you should rent a wedding tent from but you’ll not need to pick just any of them. Instead you’ll have to make confident that you simply take an ample amount of time to see which place will likely be able to provide the most beneficial deal […]