Following are various kinds of tents that can be put for various events like wedding:
High peaked frame tent rentals:
These set ups are most suitable for enjoying small scale weddings. Available in main three widths, 10′, 15′, and 20′, these rental tents can be free standing construction virtually no inner poles inside. These tents are very much striking visually and best known for its appearance.
tents rental
Traditional frame tent rentals:
Such tents are mostly available for backyard events. They can be used without having any interior poles. They can be adjusted on preferred heights. Adjust them on your chosen heights and to accommodate moderate changes in the elevation. Also, this frame allows you to join different other setups in it to make it look prettier and nicer.
High peaked tension tents:
Most preferred for weddings and backyard events, these tents are really popular. They make a very beautiful appearance and make an ordinary looking environment turn into an exclusive one instantly.
Traditional pole tents:
If you want to save a great deal of money, try using traditional pole tents. These tents can be easily installed and taken out without much trouble. However, these tents are not used as a popular choice for special events like weddings. You need to put in weights to make them work for you.
Clear span structures:
Being used for both private and public parties, these structures are most suitable for different kinds of weddings. No need to use interior poles or free standing for using this tent.
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