This year’s MAGIC3 Shanghai Youth Three-on-Three Basketball Tournament has already on the second stage. The 20 X 50 Covered Basketball Court that we built for this event last year is ready again this year. We came to the bustling business district of Shanghai this time.

This structure looks like a capsule is actually an outdoor temporary basketball stadium built by us. The structure contains a standard basketball court, stands, scoring device, audio, and other auxiliary facilities, which created a professional and fashionable basketball venue for the MAGIC3 event. The Covered Basketball Court is a detachable frame structure. The raw materials are aluminum alloy frame and PVC fabric. The PVC fabric can be painted with any color and pattern.

The entire temporary basketball hall can be quickly installed anywhere outdoors, or it can be quickly disassembled and moved to another place at any time. This basketball structure already set up in many places for MAGIC3 Shanghai Youth Basketball matches.

This “magic capsule” basketball court not only provides a fashionable basketball playground for teenagers but also planted a seed of basketball for teenagers. With these passionate basketball games, more young people love basketball and participate in basketball sports.