With the increasing number of people exercising year by year, the demand for sports venues is growing, and the stadium industry has a better development prospect in the future. In order to realize the construction of stadiums and gymnasiums more quickly, Liri Structure has provided a comprehensive solution for stadiums and gymnasiums.

Modular Sports Tent

The modular sports tent has the characteristic of rapid construction. It can be built an area of 1,000 square meters in one day, which is ready for use and able to put into operation quickly. Moreover, the labor/material cost is less than one third of traditional buildings. It has the advantages of high construction efficiency, low cost, simple approval procedures, recyclability, safety, and stability, and can be used as temporary or permanent buildings.

The indoor layout of the modular structure sports tent can be flexibly designed. It is equipped with changing rooms, toilets, rest areas and other common functional areas. It is equipped with broadcast audio, electronic screens, air conditioning, lighting systems, etc. It is free to install electronic products. Professional sports floors can also be laid in the stadium, which can meet the requirements of various specifications and levels of sports competitions and professional competition venues.

Temporary Sports Structures

In order to present a distinctive sports tent, and to create a personalized indoor venue, Liri Structure has a variety of choices of tents with different shapes and materials.

The modular structure sports tent is a common type of tent. The main profile of the tent adopt 6061-T6 high-strength aluminum alloy. The structure can withstand wind force of 8-10, and has excellent snow load capacity. The modular design does not require onsite welding, which makes less affect during the assemble. The span size range from 6 meter to 80 meter, and the length can be extended unlimited as required. The waterproof and heat-insulating PVC fabric can adopt transparent and opaque materials. Creative design can also be carried out by PVC printing, which can not only increase the color of the tent, but also be used as a commercial publicity method, which is eye-catching.

Electric Retractable Roof Structure

The electric retractable roof structure is a new 2.0 era modular structure tent. The modular aluminum alloy lattice frame has the characteristics of light weighted, convenient transportation, and suitable for stadiums and gymnasiums with large span requirements. The electric retractable roof is designed to use steel structure overhead track to make its action more smooth. Only one remote controller is required to open and close from the middle to both sides. One button can switch the structure between indoor and outdoor modes. When it is windy and rainy weather, you can choose to close the roof to form a closed stadium and effectively protect the indoor environment. When the weather is enjoyable, the roof can be opened to become an open-air stadium. The open environment can feel the enthusiasm of sports more!

electric retractable roof structure

The surrounding walls also have choices of transparent PVC sidewalls, PC panel curtain wall, aluminum alloy sliding curtain wall and other materials to complete the open or fully closed design to meet different needs. The PVC roof covers is designed in sections, which is convenient for installation and maintenance in the future.

Sports Domes

The air dome tent is a green, energy-saving and environment-friendly venue vigorously advocated by the nation. It has less construction difficulty, higher cost performance, and the larger the structure area, the more cost-effective. It can easily achieve a span of 100 meters and provide an oxygen rich sports space, which is suitable for larger sports domes. The air dome tent consists of PVDF inner film and outer film, forming a closed environment. The film body is supported by air pressure through continuous air supply. It is equipped with an intelligent operation control system, integrating air system, air-conditioning, generator sets, environmental monitoring, fault detection and other systems, collect environmental signals through indoor sensors, and monitor the conditions in the air dome 24 hours to ensure indoor comfort and safety.

Sports Domes

In order to better serve the development of the stadium industry, Liri Structure has various modeling options and provides suitable modular structure stadium solutions for different needs, venues, areas, environments, etc.