2023 Marathon Sports Tent

On February 26, 2023. The fourth Zhuhai Hengqin Marathon in Guangdong kicked off as scheduled. As an official supporter, Liri Structure has been accompanying the event since 2018, encouraging employees with their families to participate and support the Hengqin Marathon with actions. For this event, Liri Structure provided multi-purpose temporary event tents for high-quality services, making the participants feel better to enjoy the charm of the marathon.

Among them, the Indian Glamping tent is used as a VIP reception room, with a Safari membrane sidewall design and a double-peak structure to show elegance and a sense of spaciousness. This tent is an excellent work of Liri Structure in terms of aesthetics and practicality.

In addition, Liri Architecture Technology also supports tent solutions for sports events, including Pagoda tents, Security tents, etc., in athletes’ locker rooms, medical centers, staff areas, supplier brand areas, reception areas, guest areas, etc. Comprehensive consideration to help the successful completion of the marathon event. This event also promoted the continuous deepening of Guangdong-Macao sports cooperation. Liri Structure will continue to support China’s sports industry and provide more comprehensive tent solutions for each sports event.

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