50 x 50 Large Wedding Marquee

Outside Frame Wedding Tent for Sale

The luxury wedding is not only larger the others but also grand. The 50 x 50 large wedding marquee with European style design, the color tone of the scene is mainly white and red, which make the tent more stylish and elegant. Fixing on cement or on grass, it is for your selections. The outside wedding marquee can be any combination to satisfy customer requirement. Don’t worry about the high and low place, even to the beach, Liri outside wedding marquee can provide you ”place customized” to create a more beautiful atmosphere for the wedding.

Accommodate 2000 Guests

After carefully designed and modified, the 50 x 50 large wedding marquee can easily accommodate 2000 guests dining together. Whether it is a luxurious wedding, a grand engagement ceremony or a simple single farewell party, Liri structure can provide you a perfect environment to meet all your requirements.

Want this kind of wedding? Liri Structure can customize your weddings, such as wedding marquee decoration, round dining tables, and chairs. The design team of Liri Structure provides you with a luxury wedding marquee solution.

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