Table Tennis Court Covers

Indoor Table Tennis court Structures

Our Table Tennis Court Covers Structures adopts the A-shaped frame tent design, which is built with aluminum alloy frames, white translucent fiber cloth, and surrounding glass walls. It looks transparent and clear in appearance and greatly improves the lighting effect.

In fact, table tennis is one of the most suitable indoor sports. Because if exposed to the sun all year round, the table tennis ball will cause blistering and deformation. Therefore, people usually use cement or metal to make outdoor table tennis tables. You don’t have to worry about this problem indoors. You can choose a dedicated indoor table tennis table. I believe friends who love table tennis will love this place. The sports-specific lighting system we installed can provide professional table tennis sports venues during the day or at night.

The advantages of Indoor Table Tennis Court Structure

  1. Low requirements on the ground environment
  2. The size can be adjusted at your will and the clear span can be 3 to 60 meters to meet different needs
  3. Fast installation and can be disassembled at any time

We have set up a standard billiard court and two standard table tennis courts in the sports hall. The wood grain floor makes the court looks clean and tidy. These two sports do not require large-scale activities, so even if they are put together, the inside of the stadium does not seem to be crowded at all.

The large-surface glass design has a very obvious effect on daylighting. But in order to prevent the sun from being too glaring, we have installed a retractable shade cloth on each glass wall, you can adjust it according to the angle of the sun. The sliding window design not only has a very good ventilation effect but also ensures the air-conditioning effect, avoiding air-conditioning leaks leading to poor air-conditioning performance.

In addition, we also built a 300 square meter indoor badminton court with two standard badminton courts. Professional sports floors are laid inside, with blue floors and white fabric covers. The two colors look very comfortable. And there are several comfortable rest areas outside the sports hall.

Type of Tents

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