Clear Span Tents for Exhibition

As a professional manufacturer of clear span tents, Liri Structure has hosted numerous large and small exhibitions for clients. In some places, even clear span tents are in short supply, and many exhibitors start on-site layout planning two months in advance

Our clear span exhibition tents can do clear span from 3m – 80m, and the length can be infinitely extended to meet the needs of various industries for exhibition space. The interior design of the tent does not have columns, which can fully utilize the space and make the indoor layout more flexible without any restrictions. In addition, customized exhibition tents can also be installed with various functional areas such as temporary toilets, restrooms, office areas, and storage spaces according to on site conditions, achieving a comprehensive exhibition hall solution

In order to provide high quality large span exhibition tents, Liri Structure, with a history of nearly 30 years, has strong clear span tent manufacturing capabilities and inventory and has deep cooperative relationships with many large exhibitions. We have served various exhibitions including “China International Aviation and Aerospace Exhibition”, “Canton Fair”, and “China Beijing International Science and Technology Industry Expo” all year round, with rich construction experience and an excellent design team

Half of the year has passed, and I believe the exhibition in the second half of the year will be even more exciting! Various exhibitions will also be held one after another. To avoid long lead times, it is recommended that everyone place an order in advance for stock up as soon as possible. Liri Construction Technology will provide you with escort services.

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