Custom Brand Event Tent

Adidas Tent Sale

We tailored multi-side tents for Adidas. With the superior tent quality and professional construction team, Liri Structure built an outdoor temporary building quickly and efficiently. The advantage of the modular aluminum tent is that space can be customized for different events. Such a huge alien building on an open space can attract people’s attention.

Free Custom Space

Our customized event tents are perfectly suitable for brand sales and promotions event. Liri Structure continually takes part in customization solutions of different brand events for providing them different services and tents types. The Brand Owner has more accessible activity space, improving more excellent sales results and creating a better brand publicity effect by customizing the unique tent.

Custom Brand Logo

For the whole Adidas event, brand promotion is extremely important. To display their Custom brand Logo, we normally use digital painting on the tent top and gable side. People can see a very visible Adidas Tent Sale event away from here, which can obtain a better Brand Publicity Effect.

More Diverse Decorative Style

Different types of brand events, the decoration would be different also. For example, Besides the LOGO displaying, the Brand Owner particularly focuses on detailed personalized decoration like interior color, lining, lighting, curtain, and flooring, etc. which especially reflects the brand image.

Liri Aluminum Tent with unique structure, it’s easy to assemble, move and duplicate, also with strong malleable space, which provides more creative thoughts for Brand Events.

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