Fabric Modular Badminton Court shade

Generally, Fabric structure badminton courts usually choose the A roof shape. It has a beautiful and elegant appearance and a straight-line design giving it a sporty feel. The clear span of the badminton Court shade can reach 3-80 meters, and the length extends infinitely at intervals of 5 meters, providing a larger area of exercise space.

In addition to the A roof shape, Liri Structure also provides a variety of shape options such as curved roof, flat roof, arch, etc., which can be flexibly selected according to needs. In addition, the modular badminton court shade can be freely adjusted in size and can be customized according to the actual situation on site, making it very flexible.

Fabric modular badminton court shade can meet professional competition standards. Not only can it be configured with wooden floors, glass walls, sandwich panel walls, etc., but it can also be equipped with air conditioning equipment to enhance the sports experience. Its unique pillar-less column design makes it easy to plan the internal space and set up different functional areas.

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