Indoor Archery Range

Fabric Building for Indoor Archery Range Design

The archery originated very early, initially for outdoor hunting, and later developed various archery movements, including indoor archery. Liri Structure provides an ideal solution for the indoor archery range. Compared to traditional sports venues, our fabric building for indoor archery range has the features of low cost, fast construction. The indoor archery range and flexible space can use for archery learning throughout the year, shooting training and competitive games.

Installed on the Roof

This project is installed on the roof of the building. The size of the modular tent is used to customize the size of 13.5mx20m. According to the size of the existing roof space, the original open area is transformed into the indoor archery range, and the 4m side height ensures the height of the archery driving range. The interior unsupported design provides an ultra-efficient interior space, and the indoor archery range also implements different functions such as seating areas and sporting goods sales. It is surrounded by two-sided glass walls and two-sided PVC windows, which can be illuminated by natural light during the day. We also added a 5m walkway corner tent at the entrance outside the tent, which can also shelter from the wind and rain.

In addition to building on the roof, our fabric building for indoor archery range is suitable for all kinds of grounds, making site selection more convenient. If you plan to build an indoor archery range, you can contact us for more professional advice.

Type of Tents

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