Indoor Half Basketball Court

Indoor Basketball Court Design Ideas

Recently, we have provided a 50m x 20m aluminum alloy indoor half basketball court for the half court basketball game. The basketball hall can accommodate the half basketball court. We also built 500 seats of bleachers on both sides of the court, to provide a better viewing experience for the 3×3 basketball competition.

This is a basketball tournament touring from place to place, and the venue for each stop is different. Transforming an open space into a full-function indoor half basketball court in a short time is a brand new experience for athletes and spectators.

We have served major sports events many times by combining sports tents and sports events. Nowadays, more and more competitions have venues located in various cities, if you want to hold basketball competitions outdoors, you only need to add a roof to the existing basketball court. And our Sports Tent products can quickly provide solutions, you can quickly build it anywhere to ensure safe competition in all climates.

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