Indoor Basketball Court Building Under Bridge

Underpass Indoor Basketball Court

It is a natural advantage to set up a basketball park under the bridge. It can be built in the city center and to make full use of the city’s space at the same time. The indoor court is a perfect solution for all-weather playing. For these indoor courts, the weather has no longer been a problem, and the usage of sport courts has been greatly increased.
Apart from this, we can also build indoor basketball courts for private houses, community facilities, schools, and parks.

We can offer a flexible and tailored solution for your indoor courts. The Indoor Basketball Court Building adopts a modular structure design, therefore, the length, width, and internal height of the stadium can be customized. Meanwhile, a professional indoor basketball stadium is also available by installing sports wooden floors, lighting, air conditioning, and grandstand seats. In addition, we can also customize the team logo or color on the exterior of the arena building.

The above pictures show a case that 4 sets of 18×25 meters Indoor Basketball Court Buildings. It with 5 meters of indoor clearance height have been set up under the highway bridge. Each building can accommodate a standard basketball court, and full of vitality, the entire basketball park adopts the color combination of orange and yellow. This arena employs prefabricated aluminum alloy frame and PVC fabric, which can be installed in a shorter time and at a lower cost compared to the traditional building materials.

If you have any inquires about building an indoor basketball court, please feel free to contact us and we will make a tailored solution for you.

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