Large Industrial Tent

Faced with the increase of business volume, many factories began to face the problem of expansion. However, traditional buildings take a long time to complete, the construction cost is high, and the application procedures are troublesome. If it needs to be demolished after it is idle, it also needs to clean up the construction waste. Temporary industrial tents is a good solution for both short-term production workshop expansion and temporary warehouse.

Our large industrial tent construction does not require complex foundations, and 2000 square meters of frame structure can be completed in a few days. You don’t need a complicated approval process, time and other costs are low. It also has the characteristics of rapid construction, demolition, and migration, will not produce additional environmental pollution, and can quickly solve enterprise problems.

The maximum span of the large industrial tent is 50m, the length can be extended indefinitely. There is no need for support poles, and the space utilization rate is high. You can easily place all kinds of production and processing equipment according to your needs, use the space more freely, and easily complete the expansion of the production scale.

Unlike other industrial tents, you can choose a flexible folding door system. Each sliding column and traction column of the flexible folding door is connected with sliding parts, which have simple structures and low installation difficulty. It is more suitable for large temporary buildings to facilitate the access of large equipment and vehicles.

Type of Tents

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