Music Festival Tent for Electric Daisy Carnival

Electronic Dance Music Festival Tent

On the evening of November 24th, Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) 2019 came to the perfect ending in the romantic firework show. It was an electronic dance music festival that bought together top lineups of artists, shocking and dazzling stage and lighting, fantastic carnival interaction, and beautiful finale firework show.

Electric Daisy Carnival is committed to creating an electronic music carnival for young people with the best experience, the most comprehensive support, the most playable, and the most diverse music style. It does represent not only the youth trend culture but also the youthful vitality of the city. EDC Guangdong 2019 attracted nearly 50,000 people to participate within two days and making it a top-rated event.

Liri Structure combines mobile space with a trendy young culture

We create an immersive experience and atmosphere for young people. It specially created several types of canopy tents and temporary facilities such as functional areas, rest areas, and peripherals retail sales areas for this Electronic Dance Music Festival. Intuitive applications and experiences allow more people to understand and experience the modular music festival tent.

A music festival is different from the concert. Rather than going to the venue to watch a two-hour performance. The festival is a continuous series of performances by many bands and singers within a few days. This kind of festival carnival is usually outdoors. In the open state, it can be free from space and time restrictions. Festival carnival can also accept more fans and audiences.

Organizers need to consider different requirements for different groups. Such as sheltering performers from the wind and rain, providing catering and entertainment for audiences, and providing promotional advertising for sponsor brands. The music festival tent we provided has become indispensable and efficient choices. The quickly built tent space allows people to enjoy the beauty of outdoor music festivals without worry. Liri Structure has offered different shapes and functions of tents many times. Our music festival tents led to the successful holding of urban outdoor music festivals.

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