Temporary Warehousing Structure

Considering the market demand and the change of warehouse location, temporary warehousing structures can quickly solve a series of warehousing problems, and can quickly achieve orderly production and operation to meet the temporary warehousing needs of enterprises, as well as provide greater convenience for the site’s later construction program.

LIRI temporary warehousing structure adopts a unique assembled aluminum alloy structure, where prefabricated parts are completed in the factory and then transported to the site for on-site assembly, eliminating the need for on-site cutting and welding work, which not only saves a lot of material costs but also solves the problem of construction waste and realizes rapid installation.

As a permanent or semi-permanent architecture, the requirements for robustness and longevity are high. It is made of large aluminum alloy with a cross-section profile of 300mm and is fixed accordingly for different geographic environments. It not only withstands wind and rain but also has a strong resistance to snow loads, making it safe to use even in harsh areas.

In order to solve the problem of rainwater seepage, LIRI builds waterproof blocks inside or outside to stop rainwater from entering, and installs facilities such as lightning rods, lighting systems, industrial fans, ventilation systems, etc., to satisfy the needs of warehouse tents from all aspects and to solve the troubles of customers.

To enhance the quality and safety of temporary warehousing structures, LIRI provides aluminum alloy glass doors and windows, which can effectively guarantee the safety and reliability of warehouse tents and increase the indoor lighting effect. In addition, ABS rigid wall is a widely used material, which is not only beautiful but also strong and can effectively prevent theft and fire.

To solve the problems of cargo unloading access, loading, and unloading, we developed the electric push-pull roof structure. Its span and length can be customized, and the canopy adopts LIRI’s first scissor nylon roller system, which reduces friction and noise when closing and opening, making the operation smoother. This design makes the storage of goods more convenient. For large goods, a crane can be used directly to enter from the top, which is convenient and fast.

In addition, LIRI also provides modular truss building, which is suitable for large storage space requirements. It has the characteristics of a width of more than 100 meters and a clearance height of more than 8-12 meters. It is suitable for storing large mechanical goods and provides sufficient storage space.

The above three types of warehouse tents are all temporary architecture. Compared with traditional architecture, the approval is easier, the construction period is shorter, and they can be moved and reused at any time. They are a better choice for warehouses in the current market.

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