We all know that equestrianism is sports with elegance. It shows up gentlemanlike manner and noble temperament by way of perfect consociation between men and horse.23 Oct.,  domestic and foreign horsemen will be gathered and complete in the top equestrian event in Bird’s Nest of Beijing——Longines Beijing Equestrian Master 2015, We will have the opportunity to enjoy wonderful equestrian Game on that occasion!

Liri Structure has had an affinity with equestrianism event since Asian Games’ Equestrian competition started in 2010. In 2014, Liri Structure offered equestrian tents for 2014 Longines China Equestrian Tour for the first time. It was presented vitally important effect.
(Effect picture of tents for Longines Beijing Equestrian Master in 2015)
Autumn in October 2015,  Liri Structure cooperates with Equestrianism once again. As the appointed tent supplier of Longines Beijing Equestrian Master 2015, Liri Structure will set up over 6,000 square metres equestrian tents in Nest. They will be used as horse lounge(Mews Tent), horse training room, horseman lounge, VIP retiring room, changing room for horsemen,  judge lounge, equestrian storage, etc. In particular, Double Decker Tent will make the first appearance in Nest. It is the first time for Liri to build double decker as VIP grandstand.5 * 24 hours of construction!  for smooth progress of the equestrian event !


(Mews Tent)

(Horse Training Tent)

(Stand Tent of Asian Games’ Equestrian Competition)