At present, F1 has been hosted in China for 14 years when it was founded in Jiading, Shanghai, China. Compared with F1 in Europe’s long history, the development of F1 is the high peak in China.

F1 is an annual series of the highest ranking venue racing competitions organized by the International Motor Sports Association(FIA), which is known as The world’s three major sports events with Olympic Games and World Football Cup. Owing to rich experiences of innovation and temporary construction, Liri structure has become the exclusive tent supplier for F1 in Shanghai as the leading brand of tents industry in China. If there is a time machine, we could each other met early so that we can witness the success of F1 and Liri structure.

From the initial look fresh, watch lively to today’s stable fan group and ample visitor groups. F1 China has not only just an international top competition but also Shanghai is the “world April day” Weekend Sports Carnival. There is no doubt that F1 competition is the main role, but the events and the exhibition center reveal the warmest popularity and the strongest power. The security of tents is a firm foundation, only the highest class Experience on the game, can do match with international racing. What’s more, It is worth mentioning that we have offered a patent tent for F1- Dodecagonal tent with black tempered glass walls and black color lining which is full with a sense of technology, and F1 “speed and passion” of complement each other.

Besides, Liri structure set up a series of large movable assembly tent for exhibition areas, including game area, cultural and creative area, service reception area and other functional areas, etc. In addition to being able to enjoy the top competition of world-class racer, the audience at the scene can also experience the magic of a racing rider by simulating F1 competitions. Speed and passion, but also in the resource display area, automotive model creative cultural market multi-dimensional feeling of science and technology, culture, tourism, business and other fields of development results.