Banquet Tent for LIRI 20th anniversary celebrating

The fox in The Little Prince said, “Ritual is about making one day different from the other, making one time different from the other.” For corporations, we also need a sense of ritual when deciding to work for a goal to give a new meaning. Holding company annual meeting, the anniversary celebration is such a moment, companies use the sense of ritual, so that every guest came to the scene, whether suppliers, customers or employees, can be fully felt the corporate culture, it’s the significance of business planning the feast.

Corporation’s ritual, which makes the enterprises have more vitality. In a more “ritual sense” on this matter, the free site appears to be very much weight. Imagine in an open space? on the grass? seaside? Shine by the sun? Surrounded by the moonlight? Being bold and imaginative means that your company will have an unforgettable space where people who have participated in the party for many years will remember what they experienced on that day.

Last month just ended the 20th anniversary celebration of Liri Structure, all the LIRI people in the banquet tent singing and dancing, toast celebration, shared an unforgettable night, memorable. A warm and elegant space, a group of like-minded people work together to make the celebration dinner ended perfectly.

Replace the hotel to host banquet activities, different with the traditional model, with advantages of quickly installation and customized structure, LIRI tents are be used more and more widely. Liri Structure has accumulated experience in building space applications to create a large number of high-end banquet tents, party tents, event tents, annual tents, for a number of enterprises to provide a complete venue and space solutions. In addition, we also provide customized service for various private parties and brand activities, including layout division and interiors, so as to achieve differentiated and personalized functions visually and functionally.