Nowadays, outdoor event tent is one of the most important ways for many branding companies’ showing exhibitions and promotion events. In order to achieve a better brand effect, many organizers often hold a series of outdoor events to get close to their customers, so that they have a better branding promotion.

Customers can get close to contact with brand culture by outdoor event tent this culture carrier. To be a perfect movable tent structure, formally it should meet fashionable aesthetic art standard, meanwhile in its function, the most important are exhibition show, that means event tent interior reasonable space planning and regional function will impress customers an excellent brand image.

Last month we offered some large outdoor event tents for a well-known brand for their public relations conference. No matter on the tent appearance or function, our event tents meet its promotional theme “born in fearlessness” and realize this event theme culture spread all over our tent everywhere including media workspace, cultural creative area, brand culture publicity area, interesting playing area, self-service dining area, coffee shop, audience area and so on. Our high-quality event tent will lead to a successful event and it is full of vitality, challenge, and passion.

LIRI’s event tent, customize your functional diversification, free space, fashionable individuation idea into a unique activity space.