On March 17th,2013, the Super Motor Race of Zhujiang Delta came to a successful end. The event, which has been held for 8 successful years, is thought of as the most outstanding race in China stated by its dedicated fans. This year’s race attracted over 30,000 motor amateurs to enjoy the fast paced action. With its elaborate scene and extreme excitement, the esthetic event will definitely help revitalize the motor track of Zhujiang delta area. “With the flooding of the motor amateurs, the sponsors are most earnest with the event, the motor athletes more active and devoted. If everything progresses this way, .there will be a benign circulation in the motor race of this are,” said Mr. Chen Xinzhong, the general manager of the motor race court. The unparalleled popularity makes the event vibrant. People of various professions such as exposition, product promotion, tiny commodity marketing, and rear services can find and enjoy their position through the event.

The impeccable act of the event and the vast amount of motor amateurs attract the participation of many tent manufacturers. As the professional aluminum tent manufacturer in China, Liri Structure has exclusively supplied tents for 3 years for this event. We have established a close relationship with the host because of our contribution and devotion to the event.

The products of Liri Structure can be seen everywhere during the motor race carnival, from the checking point of the entrance to the temporary lounge for the guests and audience. On account of the temporary function of the motor race, the installation of some tents will be the best antidote to the problem of provisional space of motor exhibition. Tents from Liri Structure were highly praised by both the host of the event and sponsors who saw the advantages of comfort, large space, and safety.