Tent is always set up outdoors, so it’s hard to avoid uneven or dirty ground. To pursue good-quality flooring, more and more people apply wooden floor inside the tent. With the wooden floor, the ground will be flat and more elegant. Actually, wooden floor has its unique advantage that other flooring system doesn’t have.

Advantage of tent wooden floor:
1. Beauty and nature. The wooden floor is beautiful and natural which is concordant with the nature.
2. Pollution-free. Wood is a kind of green products so it has no pollution sources.
3. Light and strong. This can be reflected when the wood is used for flooring.
4. Easy to process and flexible use.
5. Excellent heat insulation effect. The wood conducts heat more slowly than the cement.
6. Regulate the temperature. The wood is hygroscopic and can evaporate the water.
7. Anti-condensation. The moisture won’t appear on the surface of the wood in wet weather or when the temperature drops.

8. Durable. The wood is earthquake-proof and decay resistant which is not inferior to other building material after being processed scientifically.

To satisfy different needs of customers, Liri Structure makes new design continually based on the old style of the wooden floor. It’s not only to satisfy the different needs, but also to match the wooden floor with our all tent series.
Currently, Liri Structure has three kinds of wooden floor:
The first one is plain flooring: it’s easy to assemble and it’s more economic.
The second one is plain cassette flooring: it’s modular and also easy to assemble, which looks fashion and high-end. It is anti skid and can be installed on the uneven ground.

The third one is VIP cassette flooring: it’s the top-end flooring system which adopts aluminum frame in the middle. Putting on the aluminum beam, it can ensure the flat ground and the load bearing.

What’s more, we also offer the wooden floor for stage, and can customize the flooring system according to different demands of our customers.