Grows more enchanting in a white tent on snow days
A sudden evening breeze brings thousands of peer tree blooms. After the heavy snow,everywhere clad in white, adds some romance like Winter Sonata.
Snow covered the ground, bright lights lit the sky, snow falls slowly as well, a few rows of white benches split on both sides, the bride wore a white wedding dress accompanied by her father slowly approaching, came to the priest, with the family and friends blessing, along with the groom promise of a lifetime love oath. I can think of the most romantic thing is live with you, never separate.
Do you want to have a romantic wedding like this? Liri structure can meet you unusual demand.

Tent’s white roof naturally blend with snow around, you can enjoy the unrivaled snow through the transparent glass wall. All the framework and junctions of Liri structures are made out of hard pressed extruded aluminum alloy 6061/T6. All the covers are made of opaque and double-sided coated PVC.It can be applicabled in 30 degrees below zero environment. There are three kinds of snowload for your choice:25KG/㎡,50KG/㎡and 75KG/㎡.