Our temporary structures are made of aluminum frames and PVC fabric and are widely used in the fields of temporary events and semi-permanent buildings. Liri Structure has been dedicated to the research and development of temporary structures for many years, with an experienced research and development team and construction team. We use 6-series T6 industrial aluminum alloy as the main frame structure, which has the characteristics of a nice appearance, high strength, and lightweight.

How long can a temporary structure stay up (1)

The temporary structure has a safety factor that can withstand strong winds ranging from 8 to 10 levels and has excellent snow resistance, sun protection, and waterproofing effects. Even in harsh environments, the lifespan of the overall structural framework can reach around 20 years, while the lifespan of PVC fabric is 8-10 years and can be replaced separately. Therefore, our temporary structure is very highly cost-effective, which is also one of the reasons why it is popular in the market.

Compared with traditional buildings, temporary structure has greater advantages, mainly including short construction period and low cost. In addition, it also has flexible disassembly and relocation capabilities, which can adjust the size according to the space needs of different periods, making it very suitable for storage and industrial applications.


The temporary structure can be used as a semi-permanent structure with a span of 3-80 meters. We have very high requirements for quality, safety, construction, and lifespan. It is also designed for a better solution by combining usage and the surrounding environment to ensure customer satisfaction.

To meet the needs of different conditions and applications, we offer a variety of wall options, including PVC walls, tempered glass, ABS hard walls, and rock wool sandwich panel walls. In this way, suitable walls can be selected according to different situations, and more suitable temporary structure solutions can be customized.