As outdoor exhibition activities become increasingly popular, exhibition organizers have taken action and carefully planned every detail, striving to bring unforgettable experiences to exhibitors and audiences. From booth layout to event arrangement, from promotion to service improvement, every step has been carefully considered and polished. Liri Structure has nearly thirty years of rich experience, focusing on providing customized exhibition tent solutions for customers.

Frame Tents

Frame Tent is very common in exhibitions, and its unique design has good performance in rain, wind, and sun protection. It ensures that exhibitors and visitors can comfortably participate in activities in various weather conditions. Secondly, the A frame tent can be quickly built and dismantled according to the scale of the exhibition, with strong mobility and reusability.


Arcum Tent

The use of Arcum tent in exhibitions is also quite extensive, and they are favored due to their unique design and advantages. The arcum tent has a unique aesthetic appearance, and its arc roof not only attract attention, but also provide a beautiful and comfortable exhibition environment for the exhibition hall.


Cube Structure Tent

The tent adopts inflatable air thermal insulation PVC fabric, which has excellent thermal insulation effect and looks like a fixed building but can be moved. Optional glass walls and doors to enhance practicality. Install advertising spaces on the overhanging edge of the tent for convenient commercial promotion. Its cube shape is unique and beautiful, meeting various usage needs.

Cube Structure Tent for exhibition

Glass Tent

Glass tent with glass walls for exhibition hall is a highly creative and practical choice. The glass tent, with its unique transparent design and modernity, brings a brand new visual experience to the exhibition hall and also enhances the display effect.

Glass Tent for exhibition

Pagoda Tent

Pagoda Tent features a minimalist design, streamlined components, and small size, allowing for easy construction without the need for large tools. The construction process is fast and efficient, and installation and disassembly are extremely convenient, making it very suitable for quickly responding to temporary needs. At the same time, pagoda tents are also convenient for storage, effectively saving space and making them an ideal temporary building solution.

Pagoda Tent for exhibition

Our developed Modular Pagoda Tent is an upgraded structure of Pagoda Tent, widely used in various activities such as entrance, safety checks, outdoor exhibitions, etc. Its design is flexible and versatile, which can be used alone or in combination to form modular tents with more shapes.

Modular Pagoda Tent for exhibition

Liri Structure is also committed to meeting the diverse needs of exhibition organizers. The exhibition tent spans from 10m to 60m and offers a variety of tent styles to choose from. It can also be customized according to brand characteristics, helping organizers fully showcase their brand image and unique charm.