In the golden time of the year, many of you are graduated, you are in the age of pursuing freedom and you have your personality. Do you want a graduation party to close the nature? If you want, choose the Liri Structure to hold this party. You will enjoy it and do need not worry any whether whole day.

What size tent for a graduation party?

For example with 50 people holding the party. You can choose the mini party tent with clear windows and sidewalls for 50 people capacity. If it is a graduation ceremony for more than 1000 people, you can set up a 40 x 60 canopy tent.

Lining and clear windows design

You have a relatively private space and you can have a good look at the beautiful review of the scenery.

Ceiling lights

When the ambient is dark at night the ceiling lights make the light tent more sparkling.

Ribbons and Balloon

When we did all the settlement, we can add some ribbons and balloons to decorate the outside tent, it will the whole party amazing.

Mini light

Generally speaking, party time will last a few hours, from evening to midnight. Special and shaped Mini light is more meaningful to the party.

The theme is a graduation, we can suggest all the classmates wear uniforms or boys wear suits and girls wear a dress, it is up to you. Perfect party tent of Liri Structure will make you a different experience, will let you a forgettable party forever.